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1st National Technical Seminar & Camp 15th & 16th Oct. 2021

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1st National Technical Seminar & Cam…

September 22, 2021

Technical Seminar will be conducted by the National Team at Jammu & Kashmir on Friday & Saturday  (15th & 16th Oct. 2021), Shastri Nagar at Jammu. Please give your best comments on the website and  Facebook page with your best wishes...

Mix Photo
Mix Photo

Tamo Martial Art

Tamo is the Chinese name of Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma was an Indian Buddhist priest. Out of India, all people know him but in India, nobody knows him so we wanted to organize a federation. It’s Tamo martial art. Tamo martial art is a combination of punches, stances, and kicks. Tamo martial art has many experienced officers from all over India. We organize individual fight, group fight, individual tul, group tul, and three-step fighting stance.

Gold Medalist Students
Gold Medalist Students

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