Himanshu Saxena

Himanshu Saxena

I was born in 1986 in a middle-class family. I completed my study from Mathura. I was not a good player in any sports. My Physical education teacher encourages me to play sports so I can concentrate my study along with my daily life. I started my sports career as a football player. One day I watch a movie of martial arts and got inspired by that and the next day I went to a Taekwondo Club and joined that. I Joined Taekwondo in the year 2000. I decided that I did not give any belt promotion test till the time I am not well prepared. After 6 months I got an opportunity to participate in the State Level tournament in Meerut this was my first tournament.

I thought that my preparation was enough for the state tournament, but unfortunately, I lost my first fight. When I was coming back from the tournament I promised my coach that I will win one medal in the next tournament. After two months I gave my first belt promotion test from white belt to yellow stripe test and based on my performance the examiner promoted me to the yellow belt group. After a few months, the time arrived and I participated in the state tournament again.

I participated in an Individual fight along with the group fight events. I won a Silver medal in the Individual event and Bronze Medal in the Group event, but I was not happy with my performance. In December 2002 I got an opportunity to play in a national tournament. This was my first national tournament. I was so nervous, my instructors and senior players guide me. I had 5 fights in my category. I did my best and got my first Gold medal in an individual fight. In the same tournament I participated in Tuls and Group fight too, and again I got Gold medals. I was very happy. Since 2002 I regularly participated in national tournaments. In 2003 I was promoted to Blue belt and became a judge in national tournaments, however, only a black belt holder can participate as a referee and judge in national tournaments. This was just because of my performance and dedication to Taekwondo.

I gave my black belt test in 2005 in the national tournament and got my first-degree black belt in 2005. Till now I won 17 Gold, 20 Silver, and 5 Bronze medals. He is a national jury member too. Currently, he is working as Deputy Manager in MNC in Noida.


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