Tamo Martial Art

Art is an expression – it could be related to any field or aspect of life. We have witnessed many people, but every individual is unique and has different abilities. In terms of Sport – Art varies, and it enables one to get equipped with techniques, mental health, physical health, focus, dedication, and more.

As this is a very vast and elaborated field – one of the significant Art forms is Martial Art. The art is a complete package of technique and rhythm which one needs to learn and practice. We, the "Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)," are dedicated to this Art form and have made many steps to encourage and teach this to many learned individuals.

We are a proud associate member of "Tamo Martial Art" in many states like Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamilnadu. We have many proud State Representatives who are different individuals but one aim. The entire team aims to spread the Tamo as it is widely popular internationally as International Tamo Martial Art Council.

The Tamo word has its origin from the "Chinese" language, which depicts the meaning "Bodhidharma." The primary origin of Bodhidharma is from India, and the purpose of the Tamo was to spread love by practicing good actions. The actions which can help an individual to gain peace. But as per history, that was not the kindness of the Chinese Ruler. His intentions were different, and he wanted to use this Tamo Martial Art for wrong actions.

We take pride that we have associated with such a noble Art form that helps an individual learn and project the inner strength. Out training centers are widely spread all over India. Majorly we have covered popular cities like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mathura, Firozabad, Etah, and Rajasthan, Telangana, etc.

Our team holds the hand, and our talented President "Shri Raghvender Singh" has begun his Martial Art journey in the year 2001. In the hunt for art and its techniques, he has traveled to many places. Finally, he has got this to India and termed as Indian Martial Art. He has earned many rewards and Gold and Bronze medal at the national and international levels.

The exclusive board members of the TMA federation of India are national champions. They have instilled all the techniques and zeal towards this Art form. 

The board has Mr. Pawan Jamwal, holding a National Technical Director profile, a 6th degree Black Belt holder. Another versatile leader of the crew is Mr. Anil Kumar Bobby, holding the chair for "National Technical Advisor" and has gathered 6th degree Black Belt, and Mr. Himanshu Saxena, holding a National Secretary profile, a 5th degree Black Belt holder. Finally, Mr. Rahul Rajpal Singh is the National Technical Coordinator, holding 6th degree Black Belt again and Mr. Dileep Yadav, holding a National Coordinator profile, is from Madhya Pradesh. Another versatile leader of the crew is Mr. Sameer Sharma, Ex. Army Man, holding the chair for "National Management Director" and has gathered 5th degree Black Belt. and, Mr. Shyam Babu Saini is the "National Management Advisor", holding 6th degree Black Belt and, Mr. Vinod Sharma is the "National Management Advisor", holding 5th degree Black Belt. This trio of the technical board has all the ethics and dedication for this Tamo Martial Art. 

We strive hard to showcase the bright future of this Indian Martial Art as an upcoming sport.

Let us begin a day with the pledge to get associated with this Loving Art.

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