Grading Fee

Grading Fee as per Tamo Martial Art Federation (India): Grading Form

Colour Belt Grading Fee
White BeltOnly 200/- ₹ are taken by the federation at the time of registration.
Yellow Belt400/- ₹
Green Belt600/- ₹
Blue Belt800/- ₹
Red Belt1000/- ₹
Pre Black Belt1500/- ₹


Black Belt Grading Fee
1st Dan4500/- ₹
2nd Dan6000/- ₹
3rd Dan7500/- ₹
4th Dan9000/- ₹
5th Dan10500/- ₹
6th Dan12000/- ₹
7th Dan15000/- ₹
8th Dan18000/- ₹
9th Dan22000/- ₹

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